3 Ways To Help Your Hunting Boots Last Longer

2 June 2016
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Your hunting boots are one of the most essential accessories in your hunting arsenal, and you want to ensure they last a long time. Proper care for your boots can keep them in the best condition for hiking through rough terrain, keeping your feet dry, and allowing you to feel more comfortable for hours at a time. To help your hunting boots last longer, here are a few things you can do.

Add a rubber toe or sole

The areas where your boots are likely to wear out the fastest are on the soles (especially the heels or the ball of your boot), or the top toe areas. You can reinforce these areas of the boot by placing a liquid rubber base with traction on them. This rubberized protective layer is "painted" onto your boots with a special brush, then allowed to dry for a waterproof, improved finish that should last. You can find these kinds of boot care supplies at your local boot and hunting supply store.

Store your boots properly

To allow your hunting boots to maintain their shape and remain comfortable for years of use, you want to make sure you store them properly. One of the ways you can do this is by leaving them on a boot dryer (equipment that dries your boots by placing the opening of the footwear over each dryer), where the hard plastic allows the boot to hold its shape. Another method of storing your boots is placing them upright in a closet or other area where they will not get mashed with other shoes or clothing.

Keep them moisturized

If you have leather hunting boots, then they can crack and warp over time unless you keep the surface moisturized. A boots supply store that sells leather conditioner can help you choose the right oils and creams that can keep your boots soft and supple. It's wise to treat the leather a few times a year, particularly if you use your boots for several weeks at a time. When conditioning your boots, pay close attention to the heel, toe, and lace areas of your boots, where they bend the most and can crack.

You want your hunting boots to last for many years, and the best way to do this is by taking proper care of them. In keeping them properly stored, creating a barrier for the soles, and keeping leather areas moisturized, you can make your boots last for many hunting seasons to come.

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