Enhance Your Appearance With Colombian Jeans For A Curvier Look

15 April 2018
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If you like to wear jeans that accentuate and enhance your figure, then you'll probably love Colombian jeans. These conform snugly to your skin to show off your shape and they have a lifting action in the back that allows them to enhance your profile. Here are a few things to know about these jeans. They're Made From Stretchy Material Colombian jeans are made from a blend of spandex material so they have stretch in them. Read More 

Six Cloth Diapering Tips For A New Mom

14 February 2018
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Motherhood is a blessing, but it also comes with its challenges. One of those challenges lies in adjusting to cloth diapers. Using cloth diapers is good for the environment and also for your wallet, but there is a bit of a learning curve. Here are six tips to help you master the art of cloth diapering. 1. Invest in a Travel Bag You will have to change your baby's diaper while out in public from time to time, and you can't just toss a cloth diaper in the trash. Read More 

Two Easy Ways To Dress Up A Basic Gymnastics Leotard Before A Competition

1 December 2017
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Getting your child involved in gymnastics is a fun way to encourage them to learn physical endurance, balance, and competition skills. However, investing in all of the performance wear your child needs can get a little costly. This is especially true during competitions when you want the gymnastics leotard your child wears to sparkle and shine just as much as they do. Thankfully, it doesn't take a lot to dress up even the most basic leotard styles if you have a knack for DIY embellishments. Read More 

Three Tips For Buying A Wonderful Suit

8 October 2017
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When you want to dress to impress, nothing says style, sophistication and high standards like a well-made suit. A man with class needs a suit that speaks for him and creates an excellent first impression. If you're looking to fill your closet with suits but don't know where to start, this guide will get you started.  Tip #1: Learn the ins and outs of buying a suit Before hitting your designer or department store, start to think about what kind of suit you want. Read More 

3 Ways To Jazz Up A Classic Sweater

19 January 2017
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In the winter months a sweater can be a welcome piece of clothing, quickly enveloping you in classic warmth you can easily enjoy. However, sweaters are more designed to keep you warm than they are to be a fashion statement, especially if you are choosing to wear oversize or plain versions. Here are 3 ways to jazz up a classic sweater so you can feel feminine and decadent, even in a style your husband would normally wear. Read More