How To Buy Army Surplus Clothes Like A Pro

5 June 2019
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The sale of military surplus clothing has been an American tradition spanning all the way back to the end of the U.S. Civil War. At various times, the government has had to stock up on literally tons of clothing to outfit the military. When major wars ended, such as the conclusion of World War II, it gave rise to the golden age of army surplus.  By selling excess clothing and supplies the government would try to recoup some of its costs by selling items to the public. Read More 

Shopping At A Vintage Clothing Store

17 March 2019
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Vintage clothes have only gotten more popular over the years, and there are plenty of stores that sell vintage clothing now. The people who purchase these clothes will be able to wear them for years, especially if they store them carefully enough.  Storing Vintage Clothes Using Plastic Might Damage Some of These Items  People might think that they are helping to preserve their vintage clothes by storing them using plastic material. Read More