3 Ways To Jazz Up A Classic Sweater

19 January 2017
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In the winter months a sweater can be a welcome piece of clothing, quickly enveloping you in classic warmth you can easily enjoy. However, sweaters are more designed to keep you warm than they are to be a fashion statement, especially if you are choosing to wear oversize or plain versions. Here are 3 ways to jazz up a classic sweater so you can feel feminine and decadent, even in a style your husband would normally wear. Read More 

Upcoming Spring Trends And How To Wear Them

5 January 2017
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Clothing trends have a way of making a comeback, such as bell bottoms, cropped tops, bell sleeves, and even grunge wear. Even trends you didn't think would ever come back you'll be sure to see again. The upcoming trends for the spring season are no exception. You may not be too keen on the cropped tops making their way around again, but there may be other trends that are coming back that you can rock. Read More