How To Be Fashionable On A Budget

8 January 2016
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You love fashion and want to look your best, but you don't want to go broke doing it. How can you look stylish and save money? Here are five tips on how to be fashionable and stick to a budget:

1. Decide what matters to you

Pick a few pieces that matter most and splurge on these items. If you have a favorite boutique, like Velvet Bungalow, don't shy away from the higher price tag on a few eye-catching items. To make up for your splurge items, look for other pieces that are a bargain like socks, jeans, or t-shirts. Spending more on clothing and accessories that you value will leave you much more satisfied.

2. Buy used

It's possible to find designer labels for very cheap when you buy secondhand clothing. Check your local flea market, thrift store, or consignment shop for unique, high-end pieces at great prices. These stores also tend to have great end-of-season deals that you can take advantage of.

3. Don't buy anything in season

The number one rule of being a frugal fashionista is that you never buy anything in season. Buy your winter coat in the spring or summer for 75% off. Buy your bathing suit in the fall or winter. Have your eye on a killer pair of boots? With a little patience you can get it for a great price if you wait until the flowers bloom.

4. Sell your old stuff

There's no better way to save money on new clothes than by selling your old ones. Go through your closet and dresser and look for pieces that you haven't worn in one year. Take these old or boring pieces and sell them for cash. You can sell your clothes online, or take them to a or consignment shop. You'll not only clear out space in your closet, but you can reward yourself by buying that stunning dress you've had your eye on.

5. Stick to the basics

When purchasing new clothing, choose neutral colors like black, white, grey, and beige. A wardrobe built on neutral colors allows you to mix and match and create endless outfits. Neutral colors also pair well with bold patterns, jeans, and bright, eye catching accessories. Sticking to the basics makes your wardrobe more diverse. Neutral colors also look more sophisticated and put together even if you're not fashionably minded.

These tips will have you looking fantastic while leaving you more money in your wallet.