Learn How To Use A Fur Coat To Make Amazing Throw Pillows

30 March 2016
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If a loved one passed down a fur coat to you, but you do not enjoy wearing fur, there are other ways you can use the coat. A great way to use the coat is to make throw pillows with them to display on your bed or couch. The following guide walks you through the process of transforming a fur coat into a great pillow.

Determine How Much Fur You Have Available

The first thing you need to do is measure the coat. You want to be sure that you know exactly how much usable fur is available for you to use. Usable fur means fur that is not located on the seams of the jacket or on the sleeves. The fur used on the sleeves can be used to create a muff, a small pillow, or a clutch later on down the road. Measure the usable fur that is available to determine how large your pillow can be.

Pin the Fur Together

Cut the usable fur into a large rectangle and then remove the lining from the fur. It should just pull apart easily because the seams are often where the two pieces are sewn together and you will not be using them so the two pieces should not be held together with anything when you are done cutting. Turn the fur over so that the fur is facing the ceiling. Pull one of the short ends of the rectangle toward the other short end of the rectangle to create a square. The fur will be folded onto itself. Use push pins to pin the top and bottom sides of the square to the other side of the folded fur. Leave roughly a half of an inch of open space along the side of the needles. This small strip that is left on the edge of the pillow will be where you will create your seam later on.

Sew the Edges of the Pillowcase

Thread a needle and start sewing the seam of the pillowcase by beginning at the edge of the pillowcase where the fold was created. Sew stitches starting at the fold and leading out to the open edge of the pillow where the pins stop. Be sure to make the stitches small, so that the pillowcase will not pull apart when you stuff it. Once you have finished one side of the pillowcase, start on the other side.

Fill the Pillowcase

You can purchase pillow fluff at any craft store. Remove all of the pins from the pillowcase and turn it inside out so that the fur is now on the outside of the pillow. Fill the pillowcase with the fluff until it is as fluffy as you want it to be.

Finish the Pillow

Once you finish filling the pillowcase, fold the open ends of the pillowcase toward the inside of the pillow slightly so that the raw edges of the material cannot be seen. Use a needle and thread to sew the opening shut, making sure that you do not matte down the fur in the process. Use small, intricate stitches so the pillow stays closed and so that the stitches cannot be seen.

Once you have sewn the opening of the pillow, closed, you can start using it right away. The soft fur will feel great against your skin when you lean on the pillows. When you look at them, they will remind you of your loved one, which could stir wonderful memories from time to time. 

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