Custom Tank Tops For Your Bar Or Restaurant

9 May 2016
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Spring is here and summer is right around the corner. If your establishment sells custom T-shirts or hoodies in the fall and winter, now is a great time to order tank tops for summer. But you shouldn't order just any old tank tops. Tank tops that are cut in the styles of current trends are going to provide maximum sales. How do you figure out what tank tops to order? Follow this handy guide to figure out the best styles for your customers.

Do Your Research

Customer Demographic

First of all, who is your customer demographic? Do you sell more shirts to teenagers or to adults? Who would you like to sell tank tops to? Once you figure out the age of your typical shirt buyer, you can narrow down the styles you might order.


Look at the styles that people in your target demographic tend to wear. Don't be afraid to ask where they purchased their tank top if you really like one. Jot down any stores or brands that are mentioned.

Take A Field Trip

Visit the mall or any on-trend stores in your area to see what sort of tank styles they are selling. You can look at their websites as well. Some stores even denote on their website what items are best sellers. Take note of any tank top styles that have the "best seller" icon.

In addition to visiting the mall or other stores, consider visiting other bars or restaurants that have a similar customer profiles to yours. See what sort of tank tops they are selling. Make sure to note what brand their shirts are printed on.

Get Ready To Order

Check Your Regular Provider

If your regular t-shirt wholesaler has the trendy tank top styles that you are looking for, then your ordering task is going to be a piece of cake. Some places might not have trendier styles, though. If you don't see the styles that you would like, you will have to dig a bit deeper.

Use A Search Engine

Type in the brand of any tank tops that you liked at other establishments, along with the word "wholesale". A whole bevy of websites will pop up. Pick out a few of your favorite styles and open a wholesale account with the company. Order a couple of different styles for men and women with your establishment's logo or normal design on them.