Properly Caring For Leather Cowboy Boots

29 June 2016
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If you just purchased a pair of leather cowboy boots, you will undoubtedly want to care for them properly so they last for years to come. Cowboy boots will make a bold fashion statement and can be quite comfortable on your feet as well. Here are some steps you can take to ensure your shoe  investment is cared for properly, helping to keep them looking their best as a result.

Wipe Down Your Boots After Each Use

When you take your boots off after a session of wear, take the time to wipe them off using a piece of non-abrasive cloth to remove debris build-up. Since dust can accumulate along designer stitching, this process will help keep your boots shiny and vibrant. Failing to remove dirt after wearing your boots can lead to a lackluster or flat appearance. 

Maintain The Original Shape To Avoid Sagging

Your boots will look their best with encouragement to keep their upright structure. Slide an empty liter-sized water or soda bottle into the opening of each of your boots to help keep them from crumpling. This will help keep the leather intact rather than contracting creases which could lead to cracking down the road.

Keep Your Boots Dry For The Best Appearance

Avoid wearing your leather cowboy boots on days where rain or snow is present outdoors. If you do get your boots wet, allow them to air dry. Using a heat source to dry your boots such as a hair dryer or putting them in front of a heating vent will cause premature cracking in the leather.

Remove Your Boots Properly To Thwart Blemishes

Use a boot jack or have someone else pull the cowboy boots from your feet when removing them. Using one boot in an attempt to kick off the other one will leave behind markings in the leather. Take your time when removing them and do so gently so you avoid scuff marks or bends in the leather.

Treat Your Boots To A Conditioning Treatment To Revitalize

Apply a leather conditioning agent to your cowboy boots to protect them from cracking and dryness. Check the instructions on the conditioning packaging to find out the recommended frequency of application. Using a conditioning treatment too often can cause mildew or mold to accumulate on the leather. Save this treatment for times your boots appear dull. Follow up with a waterproofing spray or polish for added protection.

If your boots develop issues, contact a business that offers shoe repairs for more information.