Two Ways to Save Money on Designer Clothing

25 July 2016
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It feels good to be dressed in the latest designer fashions. Unfortunately for many people, the price of designer clothing is beyond the reach of their wallets. However, if you're smart about your shopping, you can afford to look like a million dollars without emptying your bank account. Here are two tips for buying designer clothes on a budget.

Take Advantage of Cash-Back Opportunities

One way to save money on designer clothing is to take advantage of any and all cash-back opportunities available to you. For instance, some credit card companies will give you a percentage amount of cash back whenever you purchase something using their card (e.g. 5% cash back from Discover). This lets you score a hidden discount on the items you buy, and you are not limited to where you can make your purchases.

Another way to earn cash back is by making your purchases through rebate websites. These sites function similar to how cash-back credit cards function in that you earn a percentage of money back when you make a purchase through their sites. The money typically accumulates in an account and is mailed to you at specific intervals (e.g., quarterly). The only drawback to this option is that the store you want to shop at may not be partnered with the site you're using, and this may limit your options.

Use Social Media and Notification Sites

You can also save money on designer clothing by following your favorite brands on social media. Many times designers will have spontaneous sales on items and post updates about them on their Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram accounts as a special treat to their followers. Oftentimes they will also post notifications about sales at specific retailers.

In addition to that, some websites like Gilt and HauteLook specialize in flash sales with which you can get deep discounts on specific products for a short period of time. Signing up for notifications from these sites is a good way to get items you may have been coveting for a while. When stacked with your cash-back opportunities, these notifications can help you save quite a bit of money on designer clothing and still have enough for accessories.

There are many other ways you can save money on designer clothes, including by monitoring coupon sites for discounts on your favorite brands and shopping for clothes in the off-season. To start adding designer pieces to your closet, visit the retailer of your choice, perhaps LizEva Fashion.