3 Options To Consider When Looking For A Custom Wedding Dress

16 August 2016
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Most people spend a great deal of time and money preparing for their wedding day. It's among the most special events a person can experience during life. For brides, the wedding dress is an important part of the big day. It should be special, and it's worth spending a little extra money to get the dress that will make you feel as elegant and beautiful as possible. Among the best ways to find the perfect dress is to get a dress that is customized to what you want. There are different types of customized dresses for every type of budget. Here's are your options when it comes to finding a custom dress you can afford:

Custom Dresses Designed by Designer for Your Exact Specifications

For brides with very unique tastes or styles, getting a dress designed from scratch can be a good option. This is the most expensive way to get a wedding dress, although you may save money if you can find a lesser known designer to make your dress. Custom-designed dresses are first sketched for the bride based on what is described to the designer, so you'll want to give your designer several weeks notice to draft your dress design and then make your dress. Once you've figured out the exact look and design, your measurements will be taken, and the dress will then be ready to be made. Some designers also make the dress, but it's possible that your designer will send the design to a seamstress to make the dress.

Custom Dresses Designed by You Through Online Dress Sites

There are dress companies online that offer brides a quick way to design their ideal dress. Using user-friendly design software, you can mix and match dress features on a dressmaker's website. The template on these sites is easy to use. You can choose a basic dress style and color, and then add various features that you really want, from different materials to shortening or lengthening sleeves or the bottom of the dress. Most of these companies make the dresses directly once you have created the design you want, and then guarantee that the dress will be made and shipped on time for your big day. Since you are designing the dress, this option is typically less expensive than hiring your own designer.

Customize Pre-made Dresses at Dress Stores

Customizing a wedding dress doesn't always mean building it from scratch or from a template. Many wedding dress stores with pre-made dresses offer tailoring to customize a dress to your particular measurements. Many dress stores that sell wedding gowns also have options for adding lace or sleeves to dresses to meet a bride's particular needs. If you are short on time, and if you want to save the most money, buying a pre-made dress that you can customize with the help of an in-store tailor is typically the cheapest and fastest option to get the dress you want.

It's always good to know you have a lot of options. Looking into all three of these options will help you determine what will work best for your situation. No matter how you get your custom dress made, it's important to make sure that you understand the time frame for any custom dress to be made that you want to purchase. This will ensure you get your dress completed on time, and that you have time to make any last minute adjustments you need before your big day. Check out a company like The House of Couture to get started.