Three Pieces Of Gear That Are Essential For Motorcross Riding

6 September 2016
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The summer weather can bring on many more people looking to enjoy the outdoors. This is a great time of year for those who like to participate in motorcross activities. Because many people choose to ride in warm weather, it is important to dress properly for riding. You also want to dress in the right gear to help protect you from injuries. In fact, about 90% of motorcross riders have suffered from some type of injury while riding. In some cases, these injuries could have been prevented with the right gear on. To help you prepare properly, here are some of the essentials you should have with you.

Motorcross Boots

From turning at the bend of the track to landing a jump, there are numerous injuries that can occur during your motorcross ride. One of the many injuries that can occur is a broken ankle. Should the bike become off balance and fall on your leg, you could suffer burns or broken bones. To help protect your feet while riding, you need to wear motorcross boots. The motorcross boot is made of leather to ensure durability and strength. It also ensures that the boot does not bend when in a crash. The sole is molded to the boot and has an insert that can be replaced when it gets worn out.

Motorcross Goggles

Riding around in the wind can be exhilarating, but you never know when an insect, precipitation, or some other object could hit you in the face and cause you to wreck. To protect your eyes while riding, you need to have a pair of goggles on anytime you are on the bike. There are numerous types of goggles for different purposes. You can buy some that keep you warm during the cooler months, and there are other types of goggles that offer ventilation to help cool you off. You can even purchase goggles with a prescription to help you see better. 

Chest Protector

One of the most essential types of gear to have when riding your bike is a chest protector. While it covers your chest, it also protects your stomach and shoulders while riding. This is great for protection from debris and rocks that can fly up from other riders. Should you do end up crashing, the chest protector can offer you protection from many bumps and bruises. One of the most common injuries in motorcross riding is shoulder injuries, and a chest protector can help prevent this type of injury.

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