3 Ways To Jazz Up A Classic Sweater

19 January 2017
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In the winter months a sweater can be a welcome piece of clothing, quickly enveloping you in classic warmth you can easily enjoy. However, sweaters are more designed to keep you warm than they are to be a fashion statement, especially if you are choosing to wear oversize or plain versions. Here are 3 ways to jazz up a classic sweater so you can feel feminine and decadent, even in a style your husband would normally wear.

Oversize with leggings

A large, bulky sweater can become your favorite winter accessory when you pair it with the right leggings. Choose a pair of faux leather or sparkling leggings (or 'jeggings' if you prefer a thicker material coverage on your legs) to wear with your long and oversize sweaters. Make sure the hem of your sweater easily covers your derriere for the right length. This style can be worn with your own long sweaters or sweater dresses or can be paired with your husband's sweater for a sweet appeal.


Few things make a classic sweater more feminine than the right accessories. Dust the warm material with a sweet splash of floral or fruity perfume and a pair of pearl earrings, and you have a feminine yet simple line to show off with your silhouette. If your sweater has a cowl or turtleneck line, then wear a long pendant-style necklace with a knotted chain to help take away from the natural boxy feeling a sweater can cause.

Wear the right shoes

You can easily make a large or thick sweater more feminine simply with the shoes you wear. Consider footed booties with rolled-up pants to give your sweater a feminine appeal. Or, you can wear a pair of black, shiny heels that you would normally reserve for a business suit to lend a professional yet female flair to your outfit. If you want to be daring and give off a 'boho' appeal, then wear a pair of military-style boots with your sweater of choice, layering the outfit with an oversize coat as well to give you even more dimension.

Sweaters can keep you warm all winter long, and if you have many classic or plain styles you want to jazz up a bit, know you can do this quite easily by pairing your clothing correctly. With the right style, any sweater can become your very favorite head turner to wear when the weather begins to drop. For women's sweater ideas, check out companies like Wooden Ships.