Two Easy Ways To Dress Up A Basic Gymnastics Leotard Before A Competition

1 December 2017
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Getting your child involved in gymnastics is a fun way to encourage them to learn physical endurance, balance, and competition skills. However, investing in all of the performance wear your child needs can get a little costly. This is especially true during competitions when you want the gymnastics leotard your child wears to sparkle and shine just as much as they do. Thankfully, it doesn't take a lot to dress up even the most basic leotard styles if you have a knack for DIY embellishments. Here is a look at two easy ways you can dress up a basic, plain-colored gymnastics leotard before a competition. 

Add a few lines of metallic sequins in a coordinating color. 

Many DIYers are scared off by crafters who don't like to sew, but sequins are an easy addition to a basic leotard even if you don't like to sew or have no sewing skill. The best part about sequins is they add depth and color dimension to your child's performance outfit even if there are only a few in place. It is good to sew or glue sequins in place in pertinent areas of the leotard, such as along the neck seam. However, you could just as easily make several lines to create a starburst pattern on the side of the garment. 

Metallic sequins are a good option for a performance leotard because they catch the lights and reflect little flickers with every little movement. This means that when your child is doing their routine, sparkles will emit from their outfit as they move about on the mat. 

Add tulle pieces to create free-flowing dimension to the leotard. 

Tulle is so lightweight and airy that is doesn't move around a great deal during the performance. Therefore, even several layers of short tulle will gently and gracefully shift with the passing wind during a performance and not create a distraction for your little performer. This slight flutter can be just enough to attract the attention of judges as well.

Tulle can be attached in several ways, but the easiest is by single-stitch sewing to hold short strips in place, which is usually done just along the lower hip area of the bodice to create a skirt of sorts. Using multiple colors can really make a plain-colored leotard pop, but you can also go with a contrasting color of tulle or a tulle color to match the leotard. For more information, contact companies like Dancers' Place.