Enhance Your Appearance With Colombian Jeans For A Curvier Look

15 April 2018
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If you like to wear jeans that accentuate and enhance your figure, then you'll probably love Colombian jeans. These conform snugly to your skin to show off your shape and they have a lifting action in the back that allows them to enhance your profile. Here are a few things to know about these jeans.

They're Made From Stretchy Material

Colombian jeans are made from a blend of spandex material so they have stretch in them. This allows them to mold to the shape of your body. If you love the way you feel in leggings or yoga pants, you'll probably love the feel of Colombian jeans. The jeans aren't as casual as leggings, but they have a similar stretchy feel. The spandex also makes it easy to get a good fit in the jeans since they can stretch to match your shape. You may appreciate this feature if you have difficulty finding traditional denim jeans that fit well.

Different Brands Have Different Styles

Colombian jeans are made for a specific purpose and that is to lift and accentuate your backside. However, you still have options in the way the jeans look and fit. For example, you can choose from low-rise, mid-rise, or high-rise jeans depending on the look you want and the shape of your body. You can choose high-rise if you're tall and want to add a wide belt. If you're shorter and want to make your midsection appear longer, low-rise jeans might be your choice. You can also choose the rise of the back of the jeans for the type of coverage you like best.

You can buy Colombian jeans with a traditional blue denim appearance or you can buy them in white, black, or any other color a particular manufacturer brings to the market. Colombian jeans refer to a style, not a manufacturer. There are many brands on the market to choose from and you can buy them at various prices. They can close in the front with laces, buttons or a zipper, and other than the way they flatter your body, they don't look different on the outside than any other jeans.

Colombian Jeans Shape Your Body

The real difference between Colombian jeans and traditional jeans is the way they are constructed. They have layers of fabric and stitches in just the right place to give your body a curvier appearance. They act like shapewear to pull in your waist and lift your buttocks. However, unlike compression garments that are uncomfortable to wear, Colombian jeans, like IVIDO JEANS, are just as comfortable as denim jeans. They work by lifting and contouring rather than restricting your body. No matter what your shape, it can be enhanced thanks to the way the jeans are sewn together and the material they are made from.