Get a Whole New Look

23 October 2018
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If you want to freshen up your look and give yourself a complete makeover, then there are a lot of different things that you can do. By making changes to yourself and your wardrobe, you can completely transform yourself. This can help you to feel better about yourself and also affect the way those around you see you. If you've been in a bit of a funk with your style, then you may want to push the limits by following some of the advice that is provided to you in this article.

Change the length and style of your hair

You can make a drastic change to your appearance by changing the look of your hair. Changing the length of your hair by a few inches won't do much. However, changing your hairstyle completely by going from long hair to short hair or vice versa can make a world of difference. Thanks to the availability of extensions, it is easy for most people to go from short hair to long hair now. You can also change the shape of your hair, its straightness or curliness, and its color. There are apps available that allow you to use a picture of yourself to try out different styles, lengths, and colors, so you know what you would look like after making changes to your hair.

Change the appearance of your face

Changing the appearance of one's face can be done by shaving facial hair or growing it, or by wearing makeup in a completely different manner. If you are looking to make a drastic change in your overall appearance, then you want to put a lot of focus onto changing the look of your face, since it is the part of you that people pay the most attention to and tend to notice first.

Change your wardrobe

One of the great ways that you can give yourself an updated and fresh look is to change your wardrobe and turn toward an urban clothing style. Urban clothing will help you to have a youthful and stylish look that you can show off. When it comes to an urban clothing style, you will find that it begins at the hat you may choose to wear, all the way down to the urban style of shoes you choose. When you are wearing an urban clothing style, you don't want to mix and match with other styles of clothing. For more information about urban clothing, check out companies like Premier VII.